Waimea Trail and Greenway project gets $50,000 Donation

An anonymous donation of $50,000 has been given to the Waimea Trail and Greenway, a planned 5 mile trail through the heart of Waimea.

“We are overwhelmed by the donor’s incredible generosity,” said trail committee member and PATH Executive Director Laura Dierenfield. “This is a wonderful gift towards the health of our community.”

Today many people enjoy the one mile section of the trail to get to school and work, to exercise, and to enjoy the beauty of the Waikoloa stream. The gift will be used to further the community’s efforts to clear the trail along existing county easements.

“The person who gave this gift is hoping people will get more exercise by getting out on the trail.” said architect Clemson Lam, the long-time Chairman of the community-based trail project.

For more information about the Waimea Trails and Greenways project, visit waimeatrail.org. For more information about PATH, visit pathhawaii.org or email: sharetheroad@pathhawaii.org.


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